Is It Possible for Astronauts to Smoke in Space?

Have you ever been intrigued and amazed, wondering what possible things can we do and don’t do in space? Do you think, smoking or vaping in space is possible? How long would shipping vape products like these to space take?
It’s a comparatively outlandish idea to guess the possible answer for this, considering the fact that most of us don’t really have much knowledge about what comes about out there. Except on the condition that astronauts would share their documentation and …

ISRO Claims that a “Vibration Disturbance” Triggered the Malfunction of a New Indian Rocket

The first small satellite launch vehicle took flight in August 2022, standing 112 feet tall or 34 meters long. However, Indian Space officials stated that they recognized what went awry during the new rocket’s inaugural flight. 
They asserted that initially, everything went smoothly. However, instead of delivering the two satellites to their intended circular orbit above Earth, the rocket expelled the payloads onto a very elliptical route that brought them within 76 kilometers of the Earth at the narrowest distance, or midpoint. 

Astronauts Recall Bidding their Farewells to Skylab on February 8, 1974

Commemorating a historical moment, the last member of the Skylab space station retired to Earth on February 8, 1974.
Skylab, America’s initial and sole space station, hosted three crewed expeditions. Skylab 4, the penultimate crewed mission, lasted 84 days.
William R. Pogue, Edward Gibson, and Gerald P. “Jerry” Carr comprise the Skylab crew members. All through their time inside the revolving workshop, they have seen a comet fly by and actively participated in several medical experiments. …

The 200th Falcon 9 Rocket Launched by SpaceX

As of 2022, Elon Musk’s Space X has already set a record with 61 launches last year, more than doubling the number it had in 2021. Overall, it has completed 207 missions and is 99% successful, as only less than 10 missions have been labeled failed for this mission.
Last February 2, a Falcon 9 rocket launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, carrying 53 of SpaceX’s Starlink telecommunications satellites into the sky. The two-stage rocket’s consumable first phase returned for a recovery on the SpaceX carrier deck, A Shortfall of …