Race to Mars connects Earth to space and other celestial bodies. We enable individuals to see an amazing voyage filled with ingenuity and inventiveness, fresh discoveries, and adventure. We are also a platform that always provides for individuals who are passionate about planets and other celestial things.

Like you, we are enthusiastic and passionate people who are interested in the latest updates about Space, Earth, other planets, and other celestial bodies. As such, we would like to share with everyone what we discover every minute we can. 

We wish to take you on an unforgettable journey.

At Race to Mars, we ensure that every sightseer has an exhilarating experience as they view the majesty of space and all accessible celestial bodies as we find the most recent discoveries and updates on the solar system. 

We believe that exploring space is valuable both in terms of experience and in terms of how we perceive the destination. 

Thus, whether you want to see stunning night sky images, stay up-to-date on robotic expedition breakthroughs, get skywatching tips, witness and monitor rocket launches, or visit faraway systems, Race to Mars is your best buddy.