Is It Possible for Astronauts to Smoke in Space?

Have you ever been intrigued and amazed, wondering what possible things can we do and don’t do in space? Do you think, smoking or vaping in space is possible? How long would shipping vape products like these to space take?

It’s a comparatively outlandish idea to guess the possible answer for this, considering the fact that most of us don’t really have much knowledge about what comes about out there. Except on the condition that astronauts would share their documentation and findings with us back here on Earth, we’re practically unenlightened about what’s happening.

Fortunately, through the technology that has been enhanced over the years, we can now acquire more information about space and get it the fastest way ever than before.

Smoking in Space

Have you ever wondered if astronauts smoke or vape when they’re not up in space? After all, they have to be in tip-top shape to qualify for those missions, but are they immune to having a vice-like the rest of us?

Crazy thinking as it may seem, but what if there is a possibility that they might want to light up every now and then? Turns out, there’s actually a smoking area in their headquarters – just like any other office you’d find.

But for obvious reasons, they can’t light up just anywhere they, please. There are specific places where smoking or vaping is a no-go, you know, for security purposes and all.

Why Smoking and Vaping in Space Are Not Possible

The reason is that the biosphere in space is vastly incompatible with that on Earth. On our planet, there are trees and other natural elements that help absorb pollutants that we produce.

But in outer space, there is no stretch of the imagination as an excess supply of oxygen. The only elements available are hydrogen and helium, which are just enough to balance the atmosphere of a planet.

Astronauts who are in space have limited sources of oxygen supply. They have to rely on the air supply from their spaceships or other sources. This limited supply of oxygen makes it impossible for vaping to be done in space.

Generally speaking, it’s important to get a comprehension of the distinctive surroundings that exist in space and how it greatly affects the course of actions and behaviors of astronauts. While smoking and vaping might be common on Earth, they are not practical or feasible in space due to the lack of oxygen and other natural elements.

As a leeway to the stress that astronauts get when they are out in space, vaping could be a way to ease their stress and be relaxed. However, NASA doesn’t allow it as mentioned earlier this is for the safety and health of everyone on board.

The air quality in the spaceship is predominately important as the air that’s circulating is just recirculating within the same small space. However, just because NASA outlawed vaping doesn’t mean that astronauts can’t bring their vaping materials with them.

They just can’t use them while they’re on board.

In the early years, many astronauts are deemed to be smokers, but when they are in space, they make sure that they are in control of their own vices. They can’t pin their own hopes on cigarettes or vaping to aid and abet them in getting through their anxiety or stress for the reason that it’s just dangerous.

Alternatively, astronauts have to become more aware and discover other courses of action to remain unruffled and focused while they’re on their missions.

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