Possible Existence Of life on Mars

The purpose of rovers is to uncover the life of other substances on other planets. NASA’s rovers have so far only landed on Mars and have not been spotted on any other celestial body. 

However, there are currently two rovers from NASA and one rover from China with very different missions roaming around Mars. The Curiosity Rover’s mission is to examine the composition of Mars craters, like rock, soil, water, and other things. 

Perseverance, on the other hand, is more concerned with the hunt for life-existing organic substances to investigate the possibility of life on Mars. So the focus is primarily on the microorganisms found on Mars.

Dr. Heather Graham, an organic geochemist and NASA scientist, is one of the scientists who study life and biosignatures on other heavenly bodies and planets, particularly Mars. 

Few people are curious if there is proof of life on Mars, and scientists have discovered certain indicators that might imply life existed in the past on Mars. However, more research is needed to completely validate their findings. 

In fact, Dr. Graham stated in one of her videos that they are designing and integrating machines or robots that can be sent to Mars to fully understand this. As of now, numerous locations on Mars have yet to be uncovered to corroborate their assertion that life existed on the planet in the past.

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